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need an answer asap


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hey all, well i just bought a camel shrimp for 9.99 and threw him in my nano last night. i have a 5.5g. i have been reading some threads here and have found out that they are mean little bastards. has anyone had success in keeping them . my fish store guy said the shrimp would be fine. i also have an emerald crab and a few hermits and snails

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As with any new livestock, they need to be watched. There have been reports of them eating some corals by numerous people. Yours may be different, but watch to be sure.

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the problem with coral shrimp is that there are many species...all harvested under the 'camel' or peppermint shrimp name that look very similar. Correct IDing can determine if yours is a nice one or meanie. I have the complete baensch marine atlas series (even the 4 german ones)...trust me...there are about 9 species of camel shrimp.

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