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New To the hobby. Need feedback

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I got a the fluval spec 3 for Christmas. I set it up on 12/30/17. I just put corals in today 01/18/18 after talking to my local fish store and seeing if it's alright to add them he said yes and help me pick out my coral. I got two zao one brain and a candy cane. I also upgrade my light with the kessil a80. My question are what do you guys think on the placement of my coral. I kept the top piece open to add a coral that moves and wave haven't found one I like yet. Another question how do I know how much to turn my color and intensity on my kessil a80. 


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With respect to intensity, it is always better to have less light than too much light.  With respect to spectrum, the corals and the macros will figure it out and they will photoadapt.  All the bells and whistles with today’s lighting are for the hobbiest to enjoy.  Some may promote better growth, but food for coral is more important than light.


If coral are grown in full spectrum sunlight, they will be brown because each spectrum of light is accompanned by a receptor in the coral zoanthellea.  With selective light spectrum, you get selective receptors that reflect specific spectrum.  A classic example is when high energy blue light is absorbed by coral and green, a lower energy spectrum is reflected back to you.  Depending on your specific corals, differrent spectrum are energized.  Enjoy the bells and whistles with that light, it is a quality product as best I can tell.








Your tank looks very good for for less than 3 weeks.  Enjoy the addiction.




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