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2.3 "Long" TRUE-BLUE pico (prelaunch)

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Hi!  it's been forever since I've posted.  After several years, I've decided to get back in the hobby.  I'm slowly planning my launch of a 2.3 gallon "long" aquarium.  After the initial setup I'm going to leave it for three months before I add any live creature or coral.  The measurements are: 18"x5"x7" as shown here:


I decided on using a CurrentUSA Orbit 18" LED light.  I like it because of the controller and it fits this aquarium perfectly.



There are other pieces of equipment that I already had (stored away), but I would like your advice as to whether to use any of it:

  • Hydor Submersible 25 watt heater
  • Rio Nano HoB Skimmer
  • Aquarium leveling mat
  • Eheim Classic 150 cannister filter (seems way too large for this!)
  • AquaClear 20
  • Digital thermometer
  • Refractometer


I don't have any nano-size powerheads or anything else for water circulation and not sure what to get, if any.  What kind of water testing kit should I get?


A thin layer of sand would be great, since I don't like the look of a bare bottom tank.  But not a thick layer (the aquarium is only 7 inches high after all).  I was thinking about CaribSea Ocean Direct (5 lbs - the smallest amount, but not use it all).  I have plenty of dry nano-size aragonite reef rock to use, and I do not want the possibility of any hitchhikers.  I had a huge problem with bryopsis in my last tank and I don't want to go down that path of agony again.


I'd like to create a theme:  an ALL-BLUE stocked aquarium.  Maybe with things like Blue Zoanthids?  Blue Ricordea?  Blue clove polyps?  Blue mushrooms? What else is blue that's small and would work with this lighting?  It cannot be large!  Oh, and I have no plans for fish.  Not sure to have for a clean-up crew either, but there are blue hermit crabs, aren't there?  Whatever I add, I don't want to add any additional rocks to this build, so as to avoid hitch-hikers.


What are your thoughts???

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Tubbs blue zoanthids.  Blue striped shroom.  Blue legged hermits.  Daisy cloves  Blue acan

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