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All my yellow polys died.


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Hey Everyone,


To day the last ploy died:(. I have a 15 gallon tall with the Orbits 2x40 watt fixture. Not sure want went wroung. I do about a 1.5 every Sunday. I also add 10 drops of kents Idone and 5 more on Wed. The placement was about half way up.


Can some on help me please??


Thanks Everyone,



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You said you added Iodine, but do you test before you add? That seems like alot of Iodine to me. Also test for and adjust your Alk as need. I find a low Alk level will cause alot of stress as Alk and Cal go hand in hand, but there should be enough of the other trace elements, ie: Iodine, in your salt mix that a 1.5 gal WC a week sould replenish. I do a 2gal per week change in my 10g followed by 1/2 tsp of baking soda and 1 #28 calcium block and my perameters stay in check, but this is with 2 SPS and 2 LPS corals and various softies.




BTW I use Redsea salt mix.

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be happy they died. those bastards sting your corals...also, stop dosing iodine...if youre doing a 1.5g wc every week then you should not be dosing anything. now go pick out some zoos or palys to replace those damn yellow polyps!!! =)

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lol...are you guys being serious?...i've really been getting into finding more fantastic colored zoos lately so the yellow polyps that keep finding a way to survive my attacks on them are starting to gain ground in my eyes, mostly since they survive let alone are a nice color. lol.

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