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20" long lighting


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im looking for a retro kit for a 20" long tank . its a 18 gallon high ,same as a standard 10 gallon but 8 gallons taller, so im looking for the most i can go with out buying the 96w power quad . id like to be able to retro this into the hood i made and id like to wire it so half(Actinics) comes on for a while befor the bright lights come on ,for dawn and dusk effect . id like to go with a 2 x 65watt but have been unable to find one with out buying 2 whole retro kits , and that seems a bit more than i want to spend anyway. wondering what anyone else suggests . i mean if im gonna go with 2 retros and spend 150-200 i might as well just go with 2 x 96 powerquads. thanks for any help that may come this way.



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i don't know if the 65 watts will fit they usualy go in 24" hoods, but i would get two 32 watt retrofit kits they have them for $40 on the clerence part of hellolights.com. so i mean you could get 1 actinic, 1 10K, and if you want 1 50/50 or any mix. or you can always go 70 Wayy HM alto they are hard to find and for the money you might as well get a 150 watt

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Originally posted by phergus_25

In the process of moving into a 20L...


man you aught to think about what your doing , i couldnt fit in a 40 gallon tank , let along moving into a 20!! :)

haha , just kidding


ya , i thought the 65 might fit my hood if it were taller , i could have set it at an angle , but diagnaly its only 22" so i guess not .

ill keep searching , if nothing else i may have to go with a power quad 96watt . i really didnt want to spend over $100 so that what makes the power quad sound good , ive got a 13watt i could use for the dawn and dusk effect. anyhow thanks for you input



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