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Biocube 29 diverter, help StevieT

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I have an older inTank media basket. Came with the acrylic diverter. I just noticed that with my Tunze 9001 the diverter is being pushed towards chamber 1 and quite a bit of water is flowing under the diverter thus bypassing the media basket.


Looking at your site I see 2 diverters.





Which one should I get? I'm think the shorter one but I am not sure.


Help me StevieT, you're my only hope.

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2 hours ago, jamescstein said:



Help me StevieT, you're my only hope.

What make BioCube 29 do you have, Oceanic or Coralife?

39 minutes ago, RotaryReef said:





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1 minute ago, StevieT said:

What model BioCube do you have?


Coralife BC29


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