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DIY: Background Painting...


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I haven't seen this mentioned on the forum, so I thought I'd throw it out there. I've seen people use Krylon paint to cover the back of their aquariums, whether blue or black. I personally use Plasti-Kote Vinyl Covering. It makes a real tough surface, and isn't susceptible to salt at all. A good wipe about once a month, and it looks like new again. It's easy to paint on, and sticks well. You should be able to get a can at any auto parts store, and it comes in blue and black. I've used both colors and they look nice.


I mention this because I'm setting up my 15H(first nano) now, and as we speak I'm spraying it on, boy it sticks nice.


Pro: Tough as nails, hard shell, not susceptible to running...


Con: Stinks to high heaven until it's dry. Although dries fast.







EDIT: I also found it works better to pull the tape about 5 minutes after the last coat. Thought I'd throw that in there...

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