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What am I doing?!


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So my tank is in the early stages, it’s cycled and I have one tiny baby clown. It’s a 29 gallon bio cube. These are rocks that came with the tank or that I had in the clowns tank that he came in. I’m beginning to think I have unuseable chunks of rocks!! Hahah, but for real.....any ideas? Thoughts? Laughs? ? I plan on having another clown, perhaps a blenny, a clean up crew and maybe one bigger “center piece” fish and some very easy softies (green stars ??)  ??‍♀️ Do I need different rocks? What should I do?


sorry for potato quality photos!! I still haven’t figured out how to take any decent pics.





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Aquascaping is always a try, then retry 3 separate times before you get something that you kinda, sorta like. My suggestion would be to start with the large blocky looking piece, propped on some rock chunks, just out of the sand. Then try to build off that. Many times I'll start with an idea in my head and by the time I'm finished it looks nothing like I'd imagined. After a half dozen attempts at new aquascapes I started taking a different approach.


Let the rock tell you where it wants to be placed. Like I said, start with the biggest rocks and start working your way up to the smaller rocks. As you go to place them try a whole bunch of different locations and angles looking for the feel of the rock 'locking' into position. You'll know this by the fact that you can put a finger at the top and wiggle it any direction without any movement (or very little). Then proceed to the next rock until you get a tank that looks vaguely good. 


Remember, rocks might be better placed 'up-side-down' in your mind's eye but in the long run will be more stable and lead to even cooler scapes. 


If push comes to shove... These are all reef safe: I'd suggest a good 2 part epoxy from the list.



Hope that helps

Happy Reefing

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Sometimes less is more. Dont be afraid of taking some of the pieces you dont like out. I'm sure you can get a good scape with a few of those pieces.

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I like the scape you have, lots of arches and varied coral placement locations.  Doesn't touch any of the walls, doesn't go too high in the water column allowing for Coral growth.  Whenever I rescape a piece of me wishes I could just set it back up the original way.

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Thanks all!! I'll kind of eyeball it again tonight and see how I feel. Honestly I kind of liked it better when I just had it all piled up in the center hahahah. I might have to consider removing some of them that just arent working for me at the moment. 

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Aquascaping really is in the eye of the beholder. We all love different looks.


I think most of us can say we have changed our aquascape more than once.


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