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What kind of pumps our Kraken-Tech controller should support?

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Hello and happy holidays!
First of all, we're new to the forum... so we're presenting a project we're working on: http://kraken-tech.com/
It's a custom controller and we're working on some points we think are pretty important:
-compatibility, we want to support all the common models of aquarium equipment out there (like pumps, sensors, lights, etc.)
-modular, we want it to be scalable and configurable. In this way the complexity, costs, size, and other characteristics of the system can be tailored to the user needs.
-remote management, we want to control, configure and monitor the system remotely, through a web interface.
As you can see from the blog link above, we're already experimenting some versions of the controller, with different configurations, sensors, etc. Let us know what do you think!
Also, it would be great if you could tell us what kind and model of pumps you're using in your aquarium. In this way we'll do some research, to plan our compatibility features in that direction.
Matteo & Francesco

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Ecotech, Tunze, and the Maxspect Gyre pumps would be my preference.  The Gyre controller is a piece of crap, the display is already failing and in general it's just overly complicated for what needs to be done.  If I could control all my DC pumps with one controller it would be fantastic.  :)   Anything with timing is important as well, any outlet should allow turning on and off via a timed statement like the Apex OSC statement. I used a timed topoff where I add water for say 15 seconds every 15 minutes using a  fairly accurate topoff pump.


Good luck with your controller!

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looks like a cool project. be coo to see the jebao pumps, and controllers for refugee light, ph and tamp sensors will be nice.

also wifi hub so can bi visible and controlled by app or website

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I like the writing style. Last night I used an arduino nano to make an automated plant watering system based off a hygrometer sensor and a small pump w relay, I love tinkering


So so far your controlle seems interesting, but I am not sure if you are making a commercial product or a DIY arduino controller guide. The required programming for the controller so far seems pretty basic, taking AO/DO signals and turning on relays/graphing them. Arduino 101- instructables. If you are able to interface with commercial reefing products, then it will be more unique! Hopefully you have a nice oscilloscope :) 


Following! I would also suggest more images of what you have so far, the arduino setup, your LCD readout, etc. 


Ecotech Marine makes up a large portion of the high end controllable pump market. Jebao makes more economical products.... I would focus on them as from what I have read the master/slave signal is decodabls and your device can wirelessly simulate the master. Or if you want to go wired, jebao signal imput is 0-5vDC


Check out the Reef-Pi project for tons of great info! 




also Robo-tank is great for DIYers



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hi guys,


just little follow up :)


there are quite a few difference with reef-pi, mostly reef pi doesn't support ph, orp, ec and have a full os it's not a microcontroller, thus it's easy to fail (sd get ruined, os get nuts)


some hilight of our project

1) ph controller, 12 bit precision, with double junction probe, galvanically isolated

2) orp controller, same of above

3) ec controller, same of above

4) level controller with 3 sensors (2 main tank for backup, and 1 for the reservoir to send alert when it's empty)

5) full alerting system

6) report & chart system (i'll post a demo access to our super super super beta version of the gui)

7) various led dimming options (pwm, dmx) to control various devices, with cloud simulator, weather forecast in realtime from some preset places, moon simulator. up to 12 pwm channel or 512 dmx channel, you should control almost everything :D


8) various pump controller option (pwm, analog, 0-10v) to control all what's controllable (in the future, we can also add 0-24 for direct control pump)

pumps support, sine, nutrient export, pulse, async, sync, reef crest, constant flow, night mode reduction, feed reduction and something else that i don't remember

so, jebao it's in, Ecotech also should work. unfortunately i don't have a tunze nor a Maxspect to check, but i will add them to our "check list"


9) outlet(S) can be control with almost any kind of interaction of the above sensor ie:

orp lower than, turn on (for ozone)

ph lower/higher than, for calc reactor

ec lower than, higher than

water_level lower (for ato)

water_level_backup (to turn on the skimmer and prevent mess if for some reason sump get too full of water)

temperature high/low


that's just to give you an idea, as you can see there is quite a lot of things



that's a little screenshot, hope to release a public access beta soon enough!

Schermata 2018-01-06 alle 18.27.53.png

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