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22 Gallon Long Aquamaxx

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Where do I start.. I’ve had a tank awhile back but due to time and work was never around so I gave it all away to a close friend. 


Fast forward nine  years in my new place I’ve been looking to do something plus there is a hole where my kitchen is so I thought what better way then to stick a tank in. 


I was was initially interested in the IM20 peninsula tank and found one on Craig’s list for a great deal however the seller backed out for unknown reasons and I took the money to spend on other things. Sort of sucked but I was angry that I didn’t get the tank which in short made me go out to buy and replicate the same deal in which I spent more money. From the start I wanted to only pick up 2nd hand items as to make the build a little cheaper.... HAHAHA that did not work out so well.


Right on black Friday I noticed the same (IM20) tank on sale from 250 down to 200 which was great and I almost pulled the trigger. The only reason I didn’t was the tank dimensions the counter I have for the kitchen hole in the wall was about 6 ft long by 12 in wide. so I thought the IM20 would not "fill" it out enough.  So I didn’t purchase the tank, and started looking into finding a 4 ft x 12" tank (height I wanted was around 12-15") so it was going to be a shallow tank. 


The only place I found that would fill this kind of order was glass cages. The down side is their customer service sucks and that I would have to drive all the way to Tampa and pick up the tank, since they only ship to distribution hubs. Back to the drawing board I  went and I’ve been lurking on bulkreefsupply as well as well as marineeepot for the perfect tank.


On my odyssey I came across two tanks albeit it didn’t fit my length requirements I figure it was the only way to go: Mr Aqua 22 gallon or the aquamaxx 22 gallon both of which were rimless and both are low iron though the aquamaxx was 40 dollars cheaper. So aquamaxx was my choice due to price and the reviews were great on marine depot. As I’m sitting there late one night an email came in and flashed across my screen: marine depot sale aquamaxx 22 gallon low iron is on sale for 169.99... say no more shut up and take my money. 


From the the start since I was going to pick a 22 gallon long and that it will be in the kitchen , knew I would need an AIO setup in the tank since I have no where to put a sump etc, so oceanboxdesigns was a clear winner due to quality and worksmanship, so on top of purchasing the tank that night the 30 bucks I saved I picked up a Compatible pump for the AIO reef conversion and pulled the trigger and put the deposit on an oceanboxdesigns AIO. Total cost: $390.00 


The tank came quick (though I had a processing mix up which was fixed by marine depot). The oceanbox on the other hand took close to 3.5 weeks to arrive(their website advertised 1-2 weeks max) though I would suspect the holidays for the delay. I received it shorty after the new years.


With all items in hand I started out to start setting up the tank and sourcing out the other items needed.


I purchased the following to start working on the tank all rough estimates as i tended to round up


Home Depot $15:

Command clips for wire management $10

1 tube of reef safe silicon $5


Walmart: $29

2 x 6gallon containers for water $24 (12 a piece)

1 roll of black vinyl ($5)


Amazon: Total $80 (it was about 50 and change for the chemicals and supplies and 30 for the live sand)

Chemi Pure Elite 


Filter floss

Bio Spira 

Filter bags

40LB bag of live sand


2nd hand market: total $150

Current Orbit Marine 36-48" light (new) - found locally from someone who never used it $60

Dry Rock 50lbs worth for $30

Ghost Protein skimmer $40


Running Cost: $664


The only things i need to source after is a used WP10 and some live stock after it cycles. And now pics:




Tank the day i received it:








OceanBox AIO:








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Update 1/24/2018


Finally got the tank all cycled out. I started out by putting the rocks and live sand turned off the skimmer and dumped in a bottle of spira for 48 hours. After that I monitored it for roughly 2 weeks in which the parameters were good. The only test I have to test are the following:


High range PH: 8.0

Ammonia: 0 PPM

Nitrite: 0PPM

Nitrate: 5PPM


So it was holding stead at that rate, however I feel I need to get a temp gauge for the tank as well as a heater. Though my house is notorious for being hot on some days so I am debating this. let me know your thoughts on this.


The last thing that is bothering me is the Current USA led light, its the 36-48" model which is roughly 36w. However everywhere I looked says it is good at the 12" height or below, I currently have it hanging on the top portion of my kitchen window there so the distance is greater then 12" though at the top of the tank it is 12" on the lower parts maybe 16"


I was finally able to source out the wp10 and some live stock for a really great deal so i jumped on it. 




Sorry for the dirty look but I didn't get to really clean the glass that well. The odd part is that the clowns look like they only want to swim only on one side.

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Nice build, and looks like you're filling out the tank nicely! ? I haven't been so lucky (or bold) in being able to stock that much that fast.... My tank is finding it's stability much much slower.

Welcome back to reefing and I look forward to following along! Great write-up and nice pics so far! 

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Thanks and tis is true about stocking it, however the deal was too good to not let it up. Basically transplanted another tank into mine, the wp10 came with the rocks and sand and water and live stock so far everything is chugging along finely. However I feel that the lighting is not enough.

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great start! any updates?

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