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I’m trying to see if anyone else is having a device offline issue with their bluefish? I have a nano box large retro and it is ramping up and down like it’s supposed to be, but it shows device off line. The percentages are showing, and I can’t reset to normal because of this. I have already power cycled and it didn’t help. 

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Make sure it currently has a WIFI signal. It could have lost the signal at that current time. 


A accessory that has helped my personal tank is a WIFI extender in the same room. I think I picked mine up for ~$12. 



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Thanks Dave. My tide was showing offline as well. Figured I would give it over night and heck again and they were both fine in the morning. 

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Might be a good idea to check your signal strength in the status screen if this is an ongoing issue. 

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