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What is changed in Jebao new generation OW wavemaker?

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My jebao RW-4  and RW-15 stopped randomly. I am tired of jebao wavemaker and searching for alternative. Then I saw that coralbox QP series and Jebao new OW series wavemaker stated they move the electronic to the controller and not the pump. That makes the pump life longer. I am still confused by their statements. Can anyone help me to clarify? I don't want to waste anymore money on their crappy pumps. I have consider maxspect gyre but my friend is complaining about sudden drop in flow rate. Icecap 3k and glamorca 3k have a lot of bad reviews on noise and impeller bushings. Jebo CP pumps seems to be stop working a lot. Tunze is simply ugly. Rossmont is AC and will probably have short lifespan with controller. Ecotech wavemakers will cost me a kidney. So my search for an inexpensive reliable wavemaker continues. 

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I'm not sure what they mean either??


I have the sw2. The first 2 I had, had some very odd issues.


After 3 months they lost power, meaning mid day the flow would drop to the point my corals barely moved. 

The pump was set on a wave setting so this made no sense. I would have to turn them off and on to get it to return to full flow but this happened so often it was redundant.


The settings were screwed too. The wave action would just stop.


Wasn't pleased with them and I find the flow is strong but not wide spread.

Jebao seems to be hit and miss. Some have great experiences while others won't Everson one again.


I got a new aqamai so looking forward to that.

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