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Do i need to cycle a frag tank?

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Hello, i have an interest in starting a nano frag tank of around 5-7 gallons (havent decided yet) but i wanted to know if i need to cycle such a tank?


the tank is going to be a frag tank only! No live rock, no live sand. Just straight water in a tank.


if its necessary, i would add bio balls for biological filtration, however i dont want to add any fish, this is just a frag tank.


any advice? My thought was to just add half of the water from my established tank and then add some new saltwater.. and then i'm ready to start adding frags. its my first time doing a frag tank (please keep that in mind)


thanks for your help!

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I did my 20 gallon frag tank with about 3-5lb of live rock and 10lbs of sand from my main system under my frag racks and added a few snails and hermits to eat algae and left over coral foods. But I wanted to feed my frags reef chili and reef roids to improve growth.


as for no live rock or sand in your plan I cant speak for sure on. Hopefully someone chimes in.

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41 minutes ago, lobster876 said:


Thank you, pardon me.. thats a serious typo.

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