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New to the hobby,

Found an old red sea max 130d for a good price, did my readings for a moths now and now about to start 

here is what i have done and what i am planning to do any advise and is greatly appreciated

1) Disassembled and cleaned up the old tank with vinegar x2 then washed and rinsed and then once with hydrogen peroxide and rinsed it again

2) I threw the stock skimmer and got the inTank media basket and tune 9001 skimmer

washed the old power head and old pumps ( marineland nj900 and marinalnd400) got rid of the tubing cz they were nasty, 

3) bought 40 pounds of Arag-alive live sand/ 20 pounds of marco dry rock,


now my questions are

1.should i use the pumps/heater/ wave maker?

2. the guys who sold me the tank gave me about 15 lb of live rock in saltwater in a plastic bucket, should i use it?

3. I am planning to add sand and the rock ( still not decided on whether i use the live rock mixed with my new dry rock or not) then add the water and salt in the tank with the wave maker till i reach good salinity then add the cuc then add the floss and purigen and chemo-pure or should i add it from the get go? also should i leave the light on or off during the cycle?

i am planing to get 2 common clowns and a blenny to start then maybe add a another fish 

then planning to get starter corals after i upgrade the light.

any comments is greatly appreciated 


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you can use the live rock, however, you may need to cycle again if the live rock has been without oxygenated water and a food source for too long.  Furthermore, the live rock may contain pests or whatever.  You certainly could use the live rock, just don't expect it to boost your cycling.

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Welcome to Nano-Reef.com.


Like fot80 said, live rock will add to the biodiversity, but could introduce pests.  You could always cure it separately and look for pests.


Yeah, when cycling, setup everything like you normally would.  The only thing you might not want to add during the cycle is chemical filtration (although it wouldn't hurt anything).


Mix the saltwater in a bucket first.  Don't try to mix it in a tank with rock and sand.


If you don't use the live rock, you might consider using ammonium chloride to help build up a biofilter:  http://www.drtimsaquatics.com/resources/fishless-cycling

Otherwise the live rock should be enough to get your cycle going.


Don't add a cleanup crew until you tank is done cycling.

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thanks guys,

will cure it seperatly in a bucket and then see if it has some pests growing by using the high salinity dip method, 

any other tips, advice for starting a SWT?


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