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Frogspawn with bubble in it

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I have a hammer and a frogspawn that recently have these bubbles in the center. I moved both of them to a new area and they have since been opening up more. Are these something to be worried about? Or splitting?



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I had it happen to my frogspawn and I had never seen it happen before. Kind of worried me.


Did some research and a lot of Ppl had it occur before they suddenly had a new head.


My bubble lasted a week before it went away and there was a new head.

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Yeap! The bubble went away and now I have a second mouth. Another one of my heads is splitting too.


Ive notices that they like to split at the same time. My candy cane has 4 different heads splitting that all started within a week of each other.1221171852a_HDR.thumb.jpg.d63fd3313bfde2c9e6cdb6be5b8914b0.jpg

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Glad to find this. I was about to post asking the same thing. My 3 headed frogspawn has 2 heads with giant bubbles. Everything opens up like normal. 


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