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Should I use Seachem Clarity to clear up my water? Particles everywhere

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hello, my water quality is not as clear as it once was. There seems to be so many fine little particles floating around everywhere, I even believe some of those are microbubbles.

Im running an IM10 g for about a month now, tank cycle properly, all level were 0. I finally added my first clown and some hardy corals, everything is thriving and loving it.
For about a week now, I've been having this problem where small particles or micro bubbles are floating around everywhere in my water.

I've been using sachem clarity once a week, it doesn't seem to be doing much..


Aside from weekly water changes and blowing my rocks, what else can I do or add in my tank to make these stupid particles/bubbles go away? the tank is so beautiful and these little things are ruining the beauty of it.

Any tips would be great thanks

(before you say it, I know the tank is young, I've been in the hobby for 5 years, I know what to expect and I know patience is key. but something with these particles is just telling me something is off)

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Microbubbles are typically an easy solve. You just need a little something to dissipate the bubbles between your skimmer and the return pump. A little filter floss, a filter pad or even a clump of chaetomorpha algae will more than likely do the trick.


If it isn't microbubbles but, in fact, particulates... then you'll need to +1 your mechanical filtration. Make sure that when you do your weekly water changes that you either replace or rinse out your mechanical filters to get all of the debris out of it. I might suggest adding a little activated carbon as well, which should get your water nice and clear.

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