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Biocube 32 4 month update

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Hi Nano-Reef world! 


I have posted before about my trials and tribulations with my Biocube 32 gallon. Since starting my tank the first of September, I have had some obstacles and was becoming discouraged for awhile, but just kept positive and continued to educate myself on anything I could possibly read. I've had some fish die, a broken heater, diatom, green hair algae, salinity swings, a diamond goby that disappeared, an angel with a cloudy eye.. and... I think that's about it.... 


I wanted to give an update about my tank today! Currently: this is what I have:


- 2 Ocellaris clowns (one is more bright than the other) - these guys are champs. I'd reccomend them to ANYONE starting a new tank.

- 1 Coral Beauty angel - I bought her to replace my flame angel. From my experience, these are very timid fish at first... she hid behind my rocks but when movement vibrated the tank she'd swim right back behind the rocks. She grazes on my live rock all the time. Now she is all over the tank. I feed her sponge food and she loves it. Just give them time to acclimate. 

- About 20 blue legged hermits with extra shells

- I believe 4-5 Nassarius snails (I have lost some due to crabs eating them for their shells........)

- 3 Emerald crabs

- 4 Trochus snails


I have two corals: one Green Button Polyp rock  and one Pulsing Xenia ( please correct me if I'm wrong) My pulsing xenia has DOUBLED in size since I put it in about a month and a half ago. My polyp opens when the lights are on and I have noticed a little growth. I wanted to add some Kenya trees or some frags? 


I wanted to give a shoutout to people who are new in this hobby - Do. Not. Give. Up! You will make some mistakes - it is a long learning process. 


Any thoughts of anything I should add luvestock wise?


Thanks all! Happy Holidays!

new aquarium 1.jpg

new aruarium 2.jpg

new aquarium 3.jpg

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just a quick shout out/observation...looks like noooooo algae on those rocks.  wow...congrats.  looks pristine from what I can tell. 

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are zoas from growth or did you buy colony?  If growth, that is amazing and I am doing something wrong

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Looks great. 


There are a lot of coral options you could add. 

For easier corals


Ricordea mushrooms are really nice


Rhodactis mushrooms come in some pretty cool colours 


Leathers- toadstool, green nepthea, kenya (These grow like crazy)


More zoas


Duncan's, blasto, acans, euphyllia

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