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Surface Skimmer Recommendation?

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Outside of ADA's $180 surface skimmer, there are a lot of options out there. Was wondering if people had experience. 


This is for a low flow (sump-less) tank that tends to get a film on the surface (which then supports dust). 


Examples are...

Amazon Link

HOB add-on

Another filter add-on   (current choice)



Suggestions? Quality DIY build link? 

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I have a prototype surface skimmer in my 6.6. It's pretty equivalent to the eheim skim350. Does a great job and added flow is nice. 

I can hide it, so you don't even know it's in there. If I couldn't it would kinda stick out and not look the best. 

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I used to have the Eheim 350 on my planted tank.

It works pretty good it’s just an eyesore if you can’t hide it. ADA one is more stylish but not sure if it works better...sure costs a pretty penny.

Keep in mind, this kind of skimmer will pull stuff out of the surface and disperse it in the water column so it’s not out of the system so to speak.

The sponge inside the Eheim is for big debris so if you end up going that route make sure you turn it off before feeding fish otherwise food will end up getting in there and rot away.


EDIT: one thing I remember is ADA one was not adjustable so if water evaporates you have to keep adjusting it...not sure if they changed the design...

The Eheim was self adjustable.


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