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Can i add several torch frags together (different colours and sizes)

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Hey guys,


i know lps can usually be together no problem, however im planning on making an epic torch garden with several different colour torches.


can i place them all together even when their polyps sway and touch eachother!??


just want to be sure before i do anything.


thanks again.


also, can i add a hammer and a torch and have them touch eachother? Thanks for the inputs

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In my experience hammers and frogspawns will play nice together but torches will kill both of the former in most cases. Torches should all be fine together.  It is relatively easy to tell when they start to sting each other though and if you do happen to notice it just remove one of them. 


Here is my old frogpsawn/hammer colony hanging out together. When I tried to add an aussi gold torch it stung both of them so I removed it. 



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Awesome, thanks! Thats what i heard also! Torch is more aggressive, while frog and hammer are easy going

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