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Radion tear down/repair (fix green light of death or just to clean)

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See blue arrows for screws to remove. This is a gen 1 or 2 pro with gen 3 upgrade, your radion may very. Do not do this tear down with out an antistatic mat, if you're clumsy, and IF you're still in warranty send it back to Ecotech. Also if you're fan is Hella loud or if your unit is running hot take the time to use a stiff bristle brush and clean out the dust/salt creep.




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For the love of god be careful with the ribbon cable (see exclamation point), unless youre fixing the green light of death (full on leds with max fan rpm, in which case you're going to leave the ribbon cable disconnected permantly because it's what's causing your issue). 




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Last steps. I used contact cleaner on everything, do this at your own risk and only after removing any /dust. Give plenty of dry time, 3+ hours.



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TL:DR at the bottom.
Basically one day for no particular reason the full led array comes on which creates an overall green effect, the fan goes to full rpm, and it's impossible to program with the USB interface nor a wxm, maybe a reeflink? Ecotech says it happens when the touch buttons on the early gen lights fail, or you get water in or somehow otherwise damage your physical buttons on your later gen lights. 
Once you've you've disconnected the cable to the buttons the light is left completely unchanged except you can't use the buttons. USB, wxm, Reef link interfacing still works. 
I had sent the light in for service and Ecotech told me I needed to disable the buttons in the firmware settings (or buy a whole new light) but I didn't own a Reef link and the USB port will overvolt when this error occurs so you can't program with a computer. Also not sure if the Reef link would have connected in this fail state.
TL:DR: Green light if death is an error that occurs when the buttons cause the light to go into a fail state (led clusters and fan permantly st max). The solution is to disconnect them physically. 

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