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I.D this clownfish!

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Hello everyone, attached is my brand new clownfish i picked up today at my LFS.


My LFS doesnt have names for the clownfish they sell, they have several types, but they dont name them..


i picked him up for 65$ (Canadian dollars)


if you take a look, he doesnt have that "true" orange that all regular ocellaris clowns have. This one has a very deep black colour on top and towards the tail, vibrant orange, and clear white!


i'd like to say its a regular ocellaris but its not, anyone know what this type is called? At my lfs they had these one in a different tank than the regular ocellaris! 


Thanks :)



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Probably a Mocha Ocellaris

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Correct!!! Thank you so much, when i typed in Mocha Clownfish on google, all the pictures were exactly like my clown!

its a hybri between a black and white darwin ocellaris and a regular ocellaris. Thats where they get their rich dark colour from. I must say though,  beautiful colouration, i hope he starts eating, all he does for the time being is chase his own reflection on the glass! 


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