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puffy open brain (pics)


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I have a question, is it normal, healthy, or signs of stress for open brains to puff up really huge?


Here is what it looked like right when I got him.



Here is what it looks like right now.



Sometimes it has more of a brain figure.



He deflates at night after the lights go out.

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lol ... that's the best before & after pic i've ever seen!


my metallic green brain does that occasionally... when the lights are on full blast (around noon or so), it looks very very plump. it still retains the shape of a brain though, just slightly swelled up. but i'm just not sure why yours looks so ..... bloated?

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dang...thats puffy. usually if its "puffy" its a good sign that its doing good and is healty...but urs is humongous. what kind of lighting do you have and is ur parameters in range?

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DJ: they are under 40watts of 50/50 PC bulbs. (about 8"-9" from the light)


Temp = 82

PH = 8.2

Ammonia = 0

Nitrite = 0

Nitrate = 20 (waiting on someone to donate some free chaeto :) )

DKH = 9

Calcium = 380 (just dosed some Kent Liquid Calcium)


funky: there is no urchin in there, but thanks for the heads up.

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Mine eats a lot, but is still always expanded (its been like that since the first day that I got it back in June). Granted, my cleaner shrimp tries to steal a lot of its food, but it does get a decent amount of food. I suppose I could try more food. *shrug*

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