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LFS had a cheap shroom rock so I decided to get it to color up the new tank until I can get some better stuff. Once I got it home, & under the lights, I found the rock didn't just have shrooms ;). From looking around, I'm thinking it might be goniopora :| Hard to count how many tentacles it has, but I usually can count 18+. Rock surface seems to resemble a common goni "skeleton" I found while looking it up.


Best pic I can get with the crappy camera (took ~10 pics X) )




It's just a small colony though, probably whats left from what used to grow on the rock. Only about 6 polyps on the patch in the pic, & 4 more in a patch on the other side of the rock.

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Eh, probably not ;)


At least it wasn't some big colony the LFS was passing off as an easy coral. They just sold it to me as a rock with a bunch of shrooms, didn't even see the goni, must have been retracted at the time.

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