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Light Heat


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Do you think if I was to place my light fixture mounts, the temp... in my aquarium will drop a bit. See my lights are sitting flat on my tanks top and it can get hot. If I was to place light mounts it will raise it like 4 inches.

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Wow I had never thought of that. See im in California and the weather is incledibly hot out here right now. Marine man actually my light fixture came with fans. Actually they are 2 PC 65w each, but I believe that when I turn on the back light, the fan does not go on. But as soon as the front light comes then the fan goes. That problably means that it only has fans in the front. So mineralrock, do you think that removing the glass can help alot with the temp? The only problem there would be evaporation, but it's worth it, as long as I can lower the temp...

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Ahhh, you have a JBJ, correct? I would get a cheapo fan from walmart or something to blow across the top. I run MH plus actinics on mine in Socal with no heat issues, rock steady 79.

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Originally posted by mineralrock

Definitely raise the light and lose the glass....this will help with gas exchange and temp.


However the trade off will be more evaporation.

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