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i have not visited this site in a while and this is my first post. but i just thought it was cool to find someone in my area thats into reefs. i agree plymouth pet is a great place and they are continuing to get better all the time. have you been there lately ?

anyway just wanted to say " hey " :)

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hey just checking, you said "we" we dont already know each other do we ? i trade alot of frags there so you might already have some of my coral in your tank... maybe we could do some trading some time. :happy:

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I haven't bought that much coral there, mostly equipment and fish because most of the pieces they sell there are very big for my little nano. Though I did buy a large fiji leather, purple/green hairy mushrooms, and a feather duster from there.


I am excited to hear they are expanding/possibly moving and adding to their saltwater selection. There will be a tank each for softies, lps, and sps's, and Jay mentioned that they were greatly expanding the invert selection.

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alrighty, i got ya. i have tradded tons of corals there and it really depends on the frag size and the type of coral. but i have to say i usually get a good deal. yeah i am looking foward to all the changes they are also going to have a anemone and clown tank. i have checked alot of other stores and it is the best around.

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