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Saltwaterfish.com recent experience


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Has anyone had any recent experience with saltwaterfish.com. Older reviews on the various forums seem to be universally terrible, however, every now and again they have an incredible price on a desirable fish that makes me think twice (I haven't had the guts to pull the trigger). I just wanted to see what people's experience has been.

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They have incredible prices because that is how they get sales, not customer service.


I made the mistake of ordering with them a few years back.


Order took 3 weeks to ship, and when it did 3 out of 4 fish didn't ship (they refunded 90% the value of the fish instead of the whole thing for some reason) then the last and only fish that shipped (a $20 fish) wasn't even the right fish...


I did a chargeback after trying to call them for a week to correct the issue.



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