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Legendary Corals

Andre's ULTIMATE Jawbreaker, a lineage you've never seen before

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Legendary Corals
Hey there reefers,
Get ready, because this is by far the best line of jawbreakers out there. Your average Jawbreaker or Tie Dye starts off orange and over time gets a few red splashes, a few years down you'll get a bit of green, and then you cross your fingers to run into purple maybe 4-5 years later.
Having said that... I'd like to introduce Andre's Ultimate Jawbreaker.
Who needs an orange body when you can have GREEN! Yup, that's right... GREEN!!! All of the babies from this strain gain green as a MAIN body color early on their life. In all my years of reefing, I've never seen anything like it. Being aquacultured, you don't have to play any guessing games on if they'll change colors or if the babies retain the genes. Some of these get even PURPLE within the first 2 years. He's been stashing these away for a couple of years and growing them well in his aquarium under a Radion running at 30%.
All pieces below are on a 1.5" tile.
Having said all of that, these pieces are truly one a kind and are very limited. The first Andre's Ultimate Jawbreaker listed for sale is this one below at $1499.99 shipped.
The second one for sale is this one, is almost completely all green. $1699.99 shipped.
The third one here is listed at $2499.99 shipped. Already has that infamous purple splash which is so coveted among jawbreaker keepers.
The last one for sale is this beautiful pie chunk piece. She's going for $2499.99 and is ready to become a beautiful mother shroom.
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