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24" Hangon Refugium too big for my 29Gal?


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My 29gallon reef tank is 30" long and I was wondering if a 24" hang on fuge would be too big? Or no such thing.. lol... answers please!



Thanks :)

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Well I was worrying becuase I need room for a skimmer also, that leave me 6 inches of space if I use a 24" fuge.



Hmmm you can make one? HOw much for like a 20"? Thanks! And any pics?

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Pics here The design has changed some and I finally got the right parts from CPR. I was missing the siphon tube, which is now included. It comes with a MJ900 pump and the light is optional, although I give you a good deal on it if you buy it with the refugium. How tall do you want it to be and how wide (front to back)? Also, what's your email address and I will send you a quote.
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those are great fade. the slotted overflow is a nice touch. very nice work.


personally i prefer mine sitting on something rather than hanging off such small tanks. you should design some adjustable legs.




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Hey, customization is the mainstay of my company. :D I build these whatever way YOU want , not whatever is easiest for me. There are plenty of companies out there already that "make" you buy stuff that is easy for them to make on an assembly line or injection mold. I want to cater to the nano community because it seems there is a sever lack of equipment for the little guy. I mean do you really need a calcium reactor on your 20G tank that will support a 150G tank?


I will work on the adjustable feet idea.

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