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NoNames Red Sea Reefer 170 modified sump fuge/ miracle mud

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Planning on a soft coral mix LPS reef with medium stock level.


Tank -

Red Sea Reefer 170


Filtration -

Skimmer, Deltec 1351

Bio media, Sera Siporax Professional 

Refugium, Miracle Mud/ Live Rock/ Chaeto


Substrate -

Caribsea extreme pink (Australian version fiji pink)


Lightning -

1 x Ecotech Marine xr15pro radion


Flow -

2 x Ecotech Marine Vortech mp10s

1 x Ecotech Marine Vectra S1 return pump


Heater - tbc



1 x Elos osmocontroller 


Salt mix -

Red sea coral pro 


Miscellaneous -

1 x custom heater temp controller 

1 x Ecotech Marine Battery backup 

1 x ReefTops Reefer 170 aquarium lid


Scape has been decided on and glued using Ecotech glue (works great for smaller rockscapes).

Just waiting on sump and custom lid to get it wet.



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