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Euphyllia Torch Disease Please Help

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I came home tonight and my Euphyllia Torch was very retracted and spitting out what looks like long strands of dark brown algae. The mouth on one of the heads looks like it has melted away and the space where the small mouth used to be is about the size of a quarter. The strands are long and look like algae. The coral looked really good and healthy only 5 hours ago. There is nothing around the base, and it doesnt look bubbly/jelly like but like long strands of dark algae.  Is this brown jelly disease? If so, what do I do? What are the odds it survives? What other corals could it spread to? (I have Xenia, Zoas, Duncan, Leptastrea, Montipora Setosa, Riccordea, cyphastrea) 


Pictures Attached: the bottom one is the head where the mouth looks like it has melted away. THe long dark strand is what I am talking about, it has spit out a couple of these in the 20 min since Ive gotten home


Other tank notes:

 Ammonia =0, Nitrites= 0, Nitrates= 0.

I added the monti setosa 2 days ago.

I did a 30% Water change 2 days ago, fed the 2 clownfish and the corals red sea reef energy earlier today.

I have  an outbreak of red slime algae in the tank but it has been down on the sandbed not near the euphyllia.



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