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tap water question


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a big no


This is a topic which has many varying opinions but I think everyone will agree with no to tap water. Just go to Walmart or the local supermarket and use Glacier water for 30 cent/gallon.



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in the old days city water systems would treat with chlorine. tank keepers could aerate and it would dissipate. today, most treat with chloramine, a combination of chlorine/ammonia. it won't dissipate easily. with all the other nasties that can be in city water, do your livestock a favor and buy filtered water for your tank. they'll love you for it:happy:

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high quality tap water is dependent on the city. in most cases, tap water should not be used because it has nutrients to encourage algae growth. yes, some people have gotten away with using tap water, but most have not. do yourself a favor and use high quality clean water. here's an article about tap water that you may want to read.

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