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can i make a r/o a filter?


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I thought I already answered this when you posted the same question yesterday? It is not possible to filter saltwater with your home ro filter. If you could it still wouldn't work on your tank because it would dispose of 75% of the water to pass through the filter, and it would produce freshwater. So it would drain your tank while converting it to freshwater.


Here is a picture of the kind of RO filter you need to filter saltwater

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well I went back and read your last thread on the subject from yesterday. You asked if it would work if you removed the RO membrane...


You could just use the 3 prefilters as a tank filter, but you would have to push water through them with a fairly powerful pump. Even then, all you are doing is making a canister filter, and a not very good one at that. You would not get very good flow through it because you would be pushing the water through 1/4" tubing instead of the 3/4" most canister filters use and through a solid carbon block filter (unless you removed that too). If you want to do that, I would just sell the RO unit and buy yourself a canister filter... it will work much better. Also, most people on this board don't advocate using canister filters because they tend to cause increased nitrates.



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