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Dinoflagellates? and if so what kind?

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I've been treating these as dinoflagellates and treating them with vibrant (which didn't seem to work) and now dino-x which also doesn't seem to be working.  Can anyone tell me if these are dinoflagellates and if so what kind they are?











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carib sea life rock.  It came with bacteria on it which leads me to think maybe that is part of the problem.  Alk is about 8 I think, Mag was 1170, ph 7.8 and nitrate and phosphate 0.

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Yup. I used the Caribsea life rock too. Had that same stuff for a few months. It goes away eventually. I just kept blowing it off and hitting the rock with toothbrush, catching it in filter sock. Now I don’t even have a trace of it (now its cyano on sandbed and a little bit of green fuzzy algae on rock). I wouldn’t add anymore coral in there until it clears up. Cerith snails eat it up good. 

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Thanks for the info.  When I had cyanobacteria chemiclean got rid of it.

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I haven't used carbon in a long time. I think I might need to start, even if just to run it for a day between water changes. 

I tried chemiclean but it didn't work. I looked it up and there's two types of bacteria that look like cyano - spirulina, and actual cyano. Chemiclean treats spirulina, not cyano. There's a test to see which one you have, turns out I have the kind that chemiclean doesn't affect. 

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looks like dino...FWIW...I'd be most certainly doing manual removal of anything I could daily


Be patient and persistent!

Cerith snails also mentioned above...I like the idea of having them in a tank, as they are my favorite snail...but I'd hold off as I dont think they will eat dinos...and if they did, it could be toxic for them...perhaps research this more.


I'd be running some BRS Rox carbon...watching what you're feeding.


I'd reduce the lighting a bit I think...


Please research RHF's recommendation of elevating PH too....7.8 is too low.  That info is included in the link below.  Bottom line....8.4.



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