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Just noticed this

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with my mushroom . Seems like the top part is translucent  .


I check parameters in the evenings every 2 days 

Salinity 1.025

Nitrates 5

Phos 0 ( but propel not supper accurate as I have areas of GHA )

Calcium 420 

Mag 1230

As of Friday night 

 Have a Biocube 32 Led Stock light 

I have had the mushroom in same spot its been in for 2 months 


Looking for ideas 




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How's the lighting where it's at?


Hopefully that's not an API phosphate kit.  API's kit is a high range kit that goes up in 0.25 ppm increments.  However, your target should be 0.03 ppm or less (but still detectable).  But you're right, the presence of algae indicates phosphate.  Also, the presence of algae could be making your results low.

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Its kinda of in a low to mid light just in side of a cave .   The Phosphate test kit is Salifret and yes I'm figuring not getting a true phosphate reading  .  its LED stock biocube lighting 

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Hmm... not sure that I know.  Is it on something you can move?  I'd try a little more light if possible.  Do you use any phosphate reducing media?  If so, I might try discontinuing it for awhile to see if that helps.  I'm kind of just guessing here.

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When mushrooms stretch they can get a see through look.


I'd try moving it to an area where it gets a bit more light, if you can.


Otherwise it will move itself if unhappy 

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Okay will try to move out a little bit more into the light and see how it reacts 

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