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Equipment Question


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I am looking into setting up a nano reef. I'm thinking about a 10 gal aquarium. I need help determining what equipment I will need. Here is what I have so far please correct any mistakes.


10 gal tank

powerhead atleast 70 gph

Power Compact lighting (wattage?)

50watt heater

10 lbs live rock

15 lbs live sand



Do I need a filter with the live rock and live sand? What powerhead do I need? What about a refugium, probably more in the future. With such a small tank is it correct that I wont need a skimmer? Anything I'm forgetting?

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i'd suggest at least one more water movement device (e.g. PH, HOB, etc.). one PH is just going to give you a whirlpool effect. you want some conflicting flows.


the water is the consumption/respiration/reproduction medium for much of the livestock of a typical reef. how it flows (or doesn't flow) will help determine the success of a system.


the intricate shapes of LR will help in distributing the flows but a second flow generator (or more) makes it much easier to manually alter/design. hth

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welcome to the wonderful world of reefing!


you're where i was a few months ago. i went with a 10g tank also. there are lots of options and opinions on this board to set one up.


lighting- lots of options here. i use a current usa 2x40 with moonlights. http://www.marineandreef.com/shoppro/power_Orbit.html


Drs. Foster & Smith Power Compact Fluorescent Double Fixture (20" - 36W)



20" Coralife Aqualight Quad Strip (96W Total)






or you could go mh depending on what types of corals you want.

do yourself a favor and buy the light you'll be using a year down the road the *first* time, you'll save money.


hob filter: most folks here recommend aqua clear 300 or 500. great for water movement, adding carbon or converting to a fuge. i'm using an ac 300 with a mini filter impeller for reduced flow. this filter also gave me an additional 1/2g water capacity.


powerhead: again lots of choices and opinions. i use 2 mini jet 404s opposed on the side walls. with the ac 300 this gives me a nice random current.


skimmers: considered a "safety net" - frequent partial wcs (10% weekly) go a long way for nutrient export. running carbon in a hob filter 24/7 helps with DOM removal.


forgetting: pure water (ro/di), salt (and another ph to circulate it for water changes), hydrometer, test kits, timer for the light and an electrical strip, stand for the tank.

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