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Temporarily adjust lighting intensity

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Is there a way to temporarily adjust lighting, other than the 10 minute default?  When I acclimate corals or fish, I either have to turn the lights off completely or do a lot of work to dim and then put everything back the way it was.

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I think there are different channels you can set and switch to the different channels.  I haven't messed with it though.


Nevermind.  That's just the specific colors.  I thought those were different presets.  You can adjust the timer to 100 minutes but that doesn't help.  I don't see anything that lets you have different light settings and to be able to go back and forth to them quickly.

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Looks like it can't be done.  It would be a nice feature... an acclimation feature where you just put in a percentage, and your lights go  through the normal cycle but reduced to the percentage you input.  

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