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15 gallon reef

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I don't have earlier pictures, so please forgive the middle of the road start.  My tank is about 10 months old and I'm currently trying to decide what all I would like to add.  As you can see, coraline algae isn't an issue, but I can't decide on what corals I would like to add.


Current set up:

15 gallon

HOB filter

2 Hydor Koralia Nano circulation pumps

Coralife light with blue and white bulbs

12lbs live rock

Apex monitoring system (overkill I think, but it was a gift)



1 torch

2 frogspawn

I had a zoa that didn't make it as well s a Kenyan tree coral that my hermit crabs decided to eat


No rush right now just 3-4 hermit crabs and maybe 6 snails.


My original plan was to have a very low tech tank reliant on natural filtration and the pump and HOB are basically for additioinal water movement.  I would like to create a garden effect with the corals, and I will eventually try adding back in a fish or two.  I'm not having much luck in that department. 


I would love any suggestions for corals etc.  I'm feeling like I'm shooting blanks on deciding what I would like to add.  While the two corals on the right do my seem to be dying, they've not spread or grown much in tthe 6 months they've been in.  The bottom one however has nearly doubled in size.  The torch closes up like that about the same time each day, and the white was my corals response to a target feed (normal?)


Anyhow, enough rambling.  I'll update as I progress.



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I would check your water parameters if your corals are having troubles. You can most likely get it tested at your local fish store. If you are going to add more fish in the future I would recommend a pair of clownfish as they are very hardy fish. Make sure your corals have a good placement. Leather corals,blasstomussta, and mushroom corals are good beginner corals as well as GSP/ green star polyps just make sure you isolate them on there own rock. Happy reef keeping.

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