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Ashley's 32G Biocube (The Sea Shell Motel)

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Sorry to hear about Burt...  It really hits me hard when I lose a fish or coral to the point my wife will ask why I'm down..  I came across this thread and it helped me a bit.




Your GHA, the CUC should be able to handle that over time.  If not, just beef up the crew.  I will have to re-read what you have in there.

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Sorry to hear about burt? It is sad to loose fishies and corals, I recently lost my entire frag tank. It's in my garage and is insulated on 3 sides as well as the sump. Had a 300w eheim heater in there and was working great. Went out there the other morning and found my star Blenny on his side and all corals melting. Temp was at 50 degrees. Learned to have 2 heaters now just in case. Blenny was grabbed and put in my display tank and ended up surviving. But 50 plus corals died. Hang in there and yes one step at a time! My bio cube is still going, green hair algae is finally loosing its grip lol

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On 2/17/2018 at 7:59 AM, Flexin said:

Nice read. I see so many beautiful tanks people have on this forum, and it's easy to forget everyone has had their own losses too. 


On 2/22/2018 at 10:44 PM, ThomasF said:

Sorry to hear about burt? It is sad to loose fishies and corals, I recently lost my entire frag tank.

I am sorry to hear that! What a loss :(  We need to buy a generator... luckily haven't lost power this winter, but I'm worried about that kind of thing too.




I haven't updated my journal in a while, but we have since bought a small sixline wrasse, 3 more trochus snails, and a porcelain anenome crab. I never did catch that bristle worm. I've only seen it about 3 times. Some of my mushrooms are sliding off their plug. Here's some photos:








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Hello to anyone who keeps up with my tank!

I haven't updated in quite a while, so here's the long story short:

  • My tank is doing well
  • I had a green hair algae outbreak . LFS told me to use ChemiPure Blue instead of Elite when I replaced my filtration a while back, and I went with it. It was the only change I could up with since the GHA outbreak, so I went back to ChemiPure Elite and happy to report nearly all the GHA is gone, and it was FAST (same with some cyano on the sand). I do want to switch to GFO/ carbon from BRS eventually, but this is working right now. 
  • Andy Bernard the sixline wrasse is doing great
  • My xenia has massively grown, and I moved it to another part of the tank.
  • My leather is huge (very cool looking now)
  • Added red/white peppermint looking acan 2 days ago- it has aiptasia, so yay another problem I will be fighting
  • My alveopora seemed to be not doing so hot due to some algae growing on it, so I dipped it in hydrogen peroxide per a YouTube video I watched, and ultimately killed it. UGH
  • Few days ago we visited Ocean State Aquatics in Rhode Island- (awesome store!) and picked up a small hammer, the acan, a really cool looking blue sympodium (hadn't seen one before), and a green goniopora (I know- it was on sale though). 
  • I got 2 tuxedo urchins a few weeks ago

Here are some updated photos. Of course Penelope the shrimp was dancing all over the leather when I took the photo. Usually it looks better. 






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Tank looking great today! 




The urchins are hilarious. This one stole a hermit crab and a frag at the same time






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Woke up this morning to Andy the wrasse having somewhat blotched colors and bristles sticking out near his eye. His tail looks a little ragged as well (but may have bristles in it). 

We know there are bristleworms (or fireworms??) in there, but we see them extremely rarely. Everytime we've tried to catch them with some long hemostats they slide away back into the rockwork very quickly. What else can I do to get rid of them?

I really hope Andy makes it through this. Last time my TSB Burt got stung he didn't survive... maybe he got an infection from the wounds.


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Happy to report Andy made a full recovery. All of the bristles fell out. We caught a couple big worms, but I’m sure there are plenty more :)


We won a tube anemone at  the Keep On Reefing expo a couple weeks ago, which is a pretty cool and unexpected addition to our tank. Also got a blueberry looking ricordea mushroom as well as a pretty sun coral there... they’re huge! 


Lastly, we added our last fish (😭) to the tank this weekend. I finally got my longnose hawkfish! He is yet to be named, but fitting in quite well with the tank. Everything’s looking great! Also whoever thought handfeeding corals could be so addicting?


The good days just feel really good don’t they? Let’s stretch this out as long as I can 😊










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Hi everyone, not sure who checks this anymore, but I think it’s nice to update every once in a while. Definitely been slacking! 


The tank is doing awesome. We now have a clam, huge rock flower anemone, our snails are breeding, and we added a Pygmy filefish. 


Were keeping corals we never thought would do well. One year down. It’s really come a looong way! 


One year comparison post:







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