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Live Free or Reef; 1 year Wet

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Been a while since I updated, did a WC today and grabbed a shot of Fritz and wetherbee while they were eating flake. Couldn’t find the filter so the shots are blue washed so I didn’t bother grabbing other crappy shots of coral.


Better update to come soon

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I have been researching ideas and solutions for a pico jar of my own, rereading our contest pico container journals, and I want to say I am so impressed with the growth and success of pico reef @GraniteReefer! I am thrilled that you chose to keep it going in this unique container and improve upon the limitations of the contest rules. Our humble light requirements were tough to work with in hindsight, but you made the most of it, and now it's truly flourishing under the Ai Prime. Thank you for documenting your process and progression with so much detail, it has been very helpful in clarifying and further proving the pico jar 100% water change methodology. 👍


Have you been happy with the Cobalt Aquatics heater and ultrasonic air pump that you've been using? I am considering a similar piezoelectric air pump for mine. Any changes you would make to the riser tube or airstone? I may not need a heater with my setup, but time will tell.


I will definitely use your coral selection as my guide, you have an impressive collection in such a small space! It's so cool to see it all filling in now.

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  Thanks for the kind words and reading the tanks journal @Christopher MarksThe lighting upgrade post the contest was definitely a pivotal point in this tanks development.  Though having joined the hobby after its adoption of LED it was nice to learn why I should love my LEDs!  I used 2 CFLs in the 6 month competition and by the third month each time the light was so weak! Plus the spectrum sucked


   The heater has proven to be reliable, though it has to be coupled with the controller to be viable.  It’s suction cup is starting to fail so I keep finding it loose in the tank.


 I picked up a few of the same spare cobalt heaters for like 3.50 or something during that ridiculous sale DR. Fosters and smith had so I may replace it soon or Atleast exchange the suction cup.  I also purchased the Archaea (the  heater that everyone was recommending during the contest) and have yet to use it as it isn’t smaller and it is glass so I thought it would be more breakable in the small space.  The cord is also miserably short on the Archaea heater.  


   The air pump has proven to be invaluable as my wife wouldn’t put up with an airpump noise in the kitchen and this one all you can hear are the bubbles popping.  At 8gph of air movement it leaves a little to be desired( my battery backup air pump is 30gph and it’s noticeably stronger flow when in use).  With such slow flow the pistol shrimp has actually jammed a rock into the tube one night(I don’t run an air stone anymore) and the next morning I had to unclog it in order for flow to resume(I thought the pump had died but good thing I kept trouble shooting).  I just googled the piezoelectric air pumps and maybe I will try one next but it seems they too suffer slow flow.


  The lift pipe(riser tube) is still functioning 100% though it used to be centered in the tank which kept the flow even around all sides.  As wetherbee the pistol shrimp excavates and skews the rockwork forward the lift pipe discharges more to one side and creates more variability which is what I blame for the blobby growth on the lower half of my blue trumpet


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Thanks for all the extra details! If your air pump is the Phantom model from Cobalt, it's also a piezoelectric air pump, that's how it's so quiet! Limited flow though, as you've found, but it seems to be sufficient, especially with a riser tube. I ordered a $12 one very similar that arrives tomorrow. I came across this version that seems to have double the output, it is presumably just as quiet, maybe that would be a better choice to increase flow for my pico jar?


The Archaea heater is one I was considering as well, since it seems to have its own reliable temp controller. I'm hoping to keep gear minimal, but a 'dumb' heater that's tiny coupled with an Inkbird temp controller might be my best option for stability. I may have to use the cooling side of the controller too, along with a desktop fan in the summer.

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Pfft! We mods all chipped in and bought him a pico for his birthday, years ago. Never saw that. Now he’s gettin a jar. Had I known, I would have just chugged a bottle of whiskey, and sent him that.

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