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Help with relays?


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Anybody here know anything about relays? I have no idea how to hook this thing up. The guy at Radio Shack assured me that this is what I need but I didn't get the feeling he really knew how it would work.


I have a sprinkler solenoid valve that runs off of 26.5 VAC and is controlled by a float switch. When the water level rises, the float switch makes contact and closes the valve. That part is simple and has been working great for a while. Now, when the float switch makes contact, I'd like for a green light to come on so I can get a quick visual and know that the tank is full. The lamp is 12 VDC and has a seperate power source.


The relay is rated at 110/120VAC and the contact rating is 10A at 110VAC or 24VDC. Again, I don't know what that means, but that's what the guy at Radio Shack said I needed for this application. I asked him what wires would go where, but he referred me to the diagram on the back of the package and then quickly pretended to be busy with other customers.


BTW, this is for a 44 gallon RO/DI fresh water reservoir for a 200 gallon system, so it's not a nano, just in case you're thinking this is crazy overkill.


Can anyone help me with this? I posted this on RC but nobody has responded. :(


Here's a diagram for the "High Point". I just don't know where the wires go. Does the relay get power from a different source, on pins 7 and 8, from 110 VAC house current?

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the first thing i need to know, if the water valve closes when power is applied or when power is removed. in other words is it normally open or closed.

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If I were you I would get a relay that had a 24vac coil then you would not need a 26 vac, 12 dc and 120vac power. it would also be better if you got a 24 vac lamp then you would only need the 26 vac power supply.

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Thank you! This sprinkler valve closes when the float switch rises and completes the circuit. Here's the valve.




Here's the float switch:




Actually, the float switch can easily be swapped between NO and NC by taking the clip off and turning the float part upside down. The NO and NC thing is a little confusing. Does "Normal" mean that power is going through it and "Closed" mean that it's not floating?


The reason I got the 12 VDC lights and these relays is because the guy at Radio Shack said it would be really hard to find a 26.5 VAC relay.


Thanks again! Your drawing really helped me understand the relay wiring better.

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