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seabass's cookie jar - now with baby RFAs

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I’m getting that same cyano in my nem box that has a ton of babies. I dropped in a bunch of smaller ceriths but they are hardly making a dent in it. Did you just stir and siphon your sand to clean it up? Won’t it come right back? 

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I removed the nems (except one which has attached itself to the side), then vigorously stirred the sand.  Then I used a brine shrimp net to catch the floating detritus and scooped out about half of the water.


I should have removed the cyano from the pieces of rock rubble and shells, but I'll do that this weekend.  I'm not really concerned much about the cyano, or about it coming back.  It might come back; but it's using up most of what it needs to grow, so I suspect it will continue to improve without a lot of fussing.


I should up the flow a bit.  IDK, maybe I'll put it on its own air pump next week.  I guess we'll see if I feel ambitious or not. :smilie:


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