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ive heard it before but....


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just leave a quick reply on what to do about brown algae on sand and lr? also i just got my mini jet 606 should i just replace the stock pump with it or place it in the tank?

Thanks in advance

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Stock pump? I don't understand. Is it a Nano-cube? Let the brown algae/diatoms burn themselves out. Are you still cycling?

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yes its a jbj nano cube. stock pump-the pump it origanaly came with. So let the brown algae do away with itself k.I am still cycling.

What about the little green algae on the glass let it burn out to?.

Once again where should i put the mini jet?

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brown algae is diatom algae it feeds off of silcates in your water

more flow is better but not the cure.. first just wait it out and for now on use r.o. water for water chaneg and top off if you are already using r.o. water go to another source becouse the diatoms are from silcates which is genrally introduced thru tap water but can come from over feeding certian high protien foods

since the tank is still cycling just let it takes its course

then in a few weeks you get red slime from teh phosphates in the water then after that goes away your tank should be pretty stable

if the brown algae really bothers you get a hermit or an astrea snail to eat it ater the cycle is done

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