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hey everyone!! 


just getting back in to the hobby after a 3 year hiatus 


found a nano cube 12 DX with a stand (no hood) at a garage sale here in Brooklyn for 60 bucks!!! how could i say no!!??


is it perfect??


no........some scratches BUT the stand is like new and ummmmm 60 bucks!! come on!! 


and it already had a MJ-900 in it so score there!! 


it runs, it doesn't leak and i have some super fun plans for it


just ordered some equipment today and went a bit over board 



AI prime HD




new RO/DI unit 


Stevie T's media basket! 


and much much more. 


just introducing myself again and my future plans......will have pics soon for the tank empty on the stand and then everything from equipment installs to dry scaping to the first fill and everything in between 


hope that my thread is as fun for guys to look at as it is for me to write! 



thanks everyone !! 


Happy Reefing 

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Welcome back! Excited to see how things develop!

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20 hours ago, Cpl_Wiggles said:

Welcome back! Excited to see how things develop!

slow and steady 


thanks for the reply 

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