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Problems with Brains


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First of all I would like to say that the water quality/perameters look great only the PH is alittle low. I'm running a 20L with (1)65w 50/50 PC and (1)65w Act. PC, 40lbs of LS, 30lbs. or LR, and a CPR bak-pak. I just can't seem to keep a brain coral alive:*( I have spent some cash on several premium red/green, red, and green/yellow brains only to see them bleech out and die. The rics are not opening up very well either, but the hammer, xenia, finger leather, and zoos are are doing great. I did take one out before it died and gave it to a friend she put it in her 55gal under VHO lights. It recovered and is doing great.

Are the PC's just not good enough for the brains?

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tonight while feeding my brain coral i noticed my brain is starting to bleach out on a corner and wondering with a stock nano cube with 24 watt 50/50 watt compact on top is enough.( just bought him last friday). i also have a disc coral and he is thriving great.

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I have had problems with browning up of the brain. After placing it in the shade it recovered. Mine does not like to be out in the light too much. It's a metalic green brain. What do you guys feed your brains? Direct feed I assume?


Which part is considered the mouth? From the 2pics below.

The part displayed in the 2nd pic seems to open up when I attempt to direct feed it. I usually mix up a batch of cyclopeeze & phyto & syringe it around the brain. I want to start getting into heavier foods. BTW, I have also seen it poop from 2nd pic part.






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What an odd creature though, because you have to practically spoon feed it. I am sure there are plenty of things that it eats in the wild, but it seems that the brain is not an efficient eater!


I place larger foods on top of it & it's slow to react. More chance of a fish or other predator getting ahold of the food before it does. I have never seen mine open up when I place larger food on it, it simply closes up more the larger the food.

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I found a new way to feed this brain. I cut a 2 L coke bottle top & place that over the brain. I then inject a mix of food into the bottle opening & most of the contents tends to land on the brain surface. I also place a few mysis shrimp in there as well.


The brain secretes this mucous coating that it traps the food in. It then VERY slowly drags the mucous coat toward its mouth. It has opened its many mouths to 3-4x the usual size. Openings are big enough to fit an entire mysis shrimp or 2.


It may take 1-3 hours for it to retract all the mucous covered food particulate. Mysis shrimp go in much slower!!! That is why I could not feed this brain. The current in the water & fish would blow/pick away the food. This bottle trick is a great idea that I have read somewhere! I hope this helps anyone who has the same issue. I will be posting pics eventually.

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I feed mine a out once a week and only when I see all of his "little fingers" open up around his mouths. I thne take a pair of plastic tweezers and lightly place 1 or 2 small pieces of shrimp of krill directly on him. He opens ups his mouths and is all happy.

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