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2.5 question about an over active cleaner crew


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I've recently established a new 2.5 gallon tank ... It's been running for about a month and a half. I have 26w lights on it and was trying to achieve a very natural look with mild algae and some small natural plants that came with the "cultured rock." the other day i added a small cleaner crew... I had never done a 2.5 and was unsure of the amount of critters to purchase. I got 4 blue legged hermits and two snails ... they have wiped out all plant life in my tank. I think that they are way over doing it for my tank ... any thoughts?

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i think you should be happy that;


1) you bought the right amount of creatures


2) they are hard workers


3) if this is the worst situation you face your a lucky person





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I had 5 hermits eat all the macro(even the awsome kind that looks like tiny umbrellas) in my 5 gal overnight. They were well fed hermits too. Now their in my mantis tank.:D

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be a topping-off nazi. get a routine. top it off every day before you go to work or whatever. even if it means only pouring like 1 ounce of fresh water in it. fluxy water is the hardest thing about a nano. maintaining a constant volume is a good way to help keep that to a minimum. well, it's a good start. :)


also don't overstock. that seems simple but it's so easy to do. find one tiny fish and put it in. then just have your invert cleanup crew. or whatever.

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