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Was at the LFS yesterday I noticed these gigantic pods on the bottom of the bare bottom tanks( where they hold small for sale items). They were like mini shrimp. I would say about 1/8" or bigger. WTF... mine are so damn small in my fuge. What kind of pods are these(copepods, amphipod, ect.)?

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oh, but pods eventually do grow up. do you have fish in your tanks? i don't have fish, so the pods rule the tank. you can see them moving around day and night in my tank. most are small, but they do get large. the large and small ones even try and steal mysis shrimp from my yuma.

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I have a psuedochromis, pair of percs, and a green chromis. The pseudo probably tracks down all the pods. I did set up some rubble in the back to give the pods a place to breed, and I have a AC500 fuge with macro, LR and LS. I have only recently added these things... hopefully my pods will grow nicely.

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yeah. I was cleaning my hair algae today, and hundred and hundreds of small white ant looking things came bursting out of the rocks and started swimming around the place.

they also come out at night and walk around on the glass

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