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Afr Reefer

Afr mixed sps & lps reef tank 70

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I am reefer from indonesia

my reef tank, Specification :


Size                  : 70 gallons

Lighting           : diy led 200 watt

Wavemaker.   : vortech mp10 (2)

                         : Jebao rw 8 (2)

Skimmer         : diy with aquabee 2000i                              pump.

Return pump : dct 3000 pump.

Corals              : mixed sps & lps


Just share my youtube channel :



My tank since 2016

Only course already rescape from 2017


Because, for refreshments & space to grow corals and new space for add new corals.


But, 80% with same corals, just moving corals to box quarantine.


And re position "same corals" on new scaping.


After rescape :




Before rescape :




Prepared new scaping with dead rock :




Box quarantine, before re position at new scaping 


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Just share my document before & after sps coral.. healthy, growth to be better.. thanks.

# fire forest digitata


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Left side of my reef tank :


Sps : green pocillopora

Lps : elegante coral 

         faviates encrust

         Scoly lobophyllia



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Only share tips , as long as i maintain doughnuts coral.


Many reefer who died when buying new even seen bone of coral doughnut.


The first step for new doughnut coral. put it on sump with the intensity of light very low to 2 the first day .(shadow from light)


The second step

On the third day we could try feeding doughnuts ( fresh Brine shirmp, zoo or phyto plankton, and others food branded.) But my favorite food for doughnut its brine shirmp. Low cost.. haha..


The three step. If doughnut eat ,can move doughnut coral with the intensity of light brighter.



Doughnuthealthy can be seen at night without light not shrink in even seen bone of doughnut coral, and have intensity of light. Its can expand to twice its size.


Warmest regards,


Afr reefer



Others doughnut coral




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My project Chalice coral


In progress to be better for colour.. before full brownies.. step by step be better..


Warmest regards, 


Afr reefer



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My favorite invertebrate, age : 6-7 month in my tank..

Colour : combination green & yellow

Lily sea, any crinoid marine invertebrate animal (class Crinoidea, phylum Echinodermata) in which the adult is fixed to the sea bottom by a stalk.


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Green Pocillopora damicornis

3 years on my reef tank, its a beautiful sps coral.

Specially, pe from green damicornis. It was a jungle in there.


Warmest regards,



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