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Is this paly dead???

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Haven’t seen it open up for like 1-2 weeks now. Some other corals aren’t doing too good in the tank either, even though the anemones are happy as ever. Not sure if it’s dying and releasing paly toxin?


theres like a shiny coat of plastic on the heads. When I picked up with my long tweezers it kind of scratched that coating off.




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It's not dead, but it's not happy.  I'd do a dip like Kellie recommended, I use Lugol's iodine, 1-2 drops in a cup of tank water for 3-5 minutes.  My grandis palys get mad and close up like this sometimes, and after a few days to a few weeks they get over it and start opening again.

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49 minutes ago, dandelion said:

Hmmm gotta get some Lugol’s. Would bayer dip be an acceptable substitution?

Bayer is for removing pests.  Iodine is to help make it heal.  Any iodine from the store will work I think.

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