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Blinking Red Light

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Nanobox Duo M Plus light - has been working, but after coming home from a few days away, light is out, and red light blinks 1 long red, 3 short red.  (joining network.)  No network changes have happened..  I reset wireless settings on controller 3 times, and tried to rejoin a couple of times too.. Nothing seems to work..


When I eject and re-insert the imp card, the light does come on (for 1/10 of a second)

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I made a seperate alias on my network (not password protected) and got the light back on.  Havent tried to switch back, but would like to understand whats going on?


Thanks everyone!

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@DaveFason I am guessing he just hasn't seen this yet. I am not sure myself, but I think I have read about this one before.

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Did you happen to change passwords on the router? Possible it is trying to connect to the 5ghz signal?

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