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Feeding your Nano...


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I have been reading through the boards (as you do!)

Loads of useful info and some thats just plain weird!


So my question is.... :blush:


What foods are people feeding their Nano's?

(Mention any specifics if certain foods are for certain organisms!)


I feed mine live and frozen brine shrimp and mysis. And sometimes a bit of the prepared Angel food that has sponges and all the other stuff mashed in like krill and so on... I also dose the filter feeders 2-3 times a week with 'Marine Snow'.

The odd bit of marine flake if I'm really lazy! I feed every day.


Cheers :P

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i used to feed years ago (kent) but i've been turning to refugiums and 'natural' feedings in recent years.


a little over a year ago i started culturing marine shrimp in my sumps/refugiums for plankton generation. before that i really only used them for possible grazers and occasional protein snacks.


their continual fry broods are in turn swept back into the display area by return pumps. i killed off my adey fuges a while ago (more for space/display considerations tho).


while i haven't seen an explosive growth in my corals i have seen an decent increase in their growth rates. but besides the corals, i've seen very good growth and sustainability in my invert populations.


for ex. hitchiking lettuce nudis have reproduced (altho they're not a direct beneficiary of the plankton) but their growth shows a eco-systemic improvement imo (as one example). tunicates, sponges, dusters, and non/semi-photosynthetics have prospered. not all types tho.


there are some other plankton methods other than shrimp fry that i'm using but that's probably the easiest and simplest. btw i had been lurking at seahorse.org's food forum before joining there for much of that research. good stuff those girls have. :woot: hth

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I've thought about a sump for my tank but I just don't have the space for one at the moment. If I had one I wouldn't be feeding much at all, I mean they're meant for just what you were doin! Breeding critters for chow...

Tell me , do the protein snacks taste good?! :)


Ii shall check out seahorse.org, girls eh?! LoL


Thanks for postin'

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i feed my nano sparingly once to twice a week.. i to believe in the natural food cycle while i havn't got the shrimp in my fuge i do have gammurous amphipods which reproduce quickly and give a natural diet to the fish. i do add phyto once a week as well but mostly for the worms and sponges

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